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Transport segment in the US.

OUT . 16 . 2015
Transport segment in the US.

Into the United States, exist a strong influence in the private initiative over the main sectors of the economy. And on the trucking business haven’t being different. It is a market with 250.000 class 8 tractors, that are heavy load types - per year, they transport 69% of freights or 85% of the value of the economy on the market, as mentioned on the last report from ATA - American Trucking Association. On the recent years there was a significant advance on the road transport in the country, which in the past was much more a rail road transport focused business.

In the United States, exist an extremely well developed rail road, yet there was an advance on the road transport over the rail road. It is important to know that the rail road was the standard in the last years.

In the USA, the truck have been gathering strength due it’s flexibility, speed, freight safety and damages. And being more adapted for the operations “Just-in-time”, going directly to the delivery point. The availability of space and capital cost, made that the majority of the loads, remains inside the truck, that are in constant transport.

It is truth, that the cost of a truck is greater than a train, however, trucks gets more advantageous for it’s flexibility on the delivery and load time.